Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Graduation Recording

Back in June, myself and my wife made a trip to sunny Las Vegas, a routine we have found ourselves in since by some coincidence both of our families moved to the area a few years ago. This time was a little more special in occasion as my little sister Crystal was graduating from high school.

As always these days, as I reached for the family camera to record the event I also grabbed the trusty Sony PCM-D50 to capture the days audio. (I must add that my Sony recorder costs 3x what our little camera costs. Priorities, you know!) The biggest intention I had for audio that day was to record my sisters name as it was being called out over the rental PA that you usually see at both high school and college graduations. To my surprise though, due to the extreme Las Vegas heat the graduation was indoors! The graduation took place in the comfort of the very large and climate controlled Orleans Casino Music Auditorium. The opportunity for recording a graduation was never higher with near perfect conditions and a decent sounding room.

This is where I must remind my fellow sound designers of my first blog post,  Seven Steps to Being a Better Photographer, I mean Sound Designer, where rule number 1 states: Always have a camera in your hand or your pocket or your purse or your car or all of the above. Always. No exceptions. The rule paid off in strides as I left the event with almost 20 minutes of material from different perspectives in the room.

So for you listening AND downloading pleasure as a 16bit, 44.1khz file, a Las Vegas graduation recording.

Graduation Crowd 1 by nickmeade

And for my little sister from a proud brother, here is a small audio clip of the entire family yelling and screaming as Crystal received her diploma.

Crystal with Family Cheering.L by nickmeade